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Panzer Dragoon Saga + Jameson = One cool PDS music video! We have a new Sega Music video for you guys to enjoy called Oasis. Go check it out in the Movies section.

Give Jameson your opinion of his Sega Music Video below!
Got a cool idea for a SX t-shirt?

The winner of this contest gets a free shirt with their design.

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By popular demand I have put up the soundtrack for Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master in the Genesis Soundtrack section! Check out these cool ninja tunes NOW!!!!
I thought I lost it but while I was cleaning out my laptop I found an OLD backup of SX with the REVIEW section in it!!!! I'm still working out the bugs but it mostly works. I know you guys are excited, so go on over to the reviews section and re-live the memories!

Oh yea, make sure you check out Zero Cools spectacular review of Tomb Rider for Saturn. Shows you what Babelfish would be like if it did not have spellcheck.
Now that we have fully tested our Streaming section on the site we need you the public to help us out. What would you like to see on the stream any ideas comments anything you would like to say about it all email Meyitzo. We need any1 who would like to be a news reader for our streaming show we need any1 who thinks they can help in any aspect of the streaming section so please email Meyitzo with anything you can help on.