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Thanks to Kikizo Games we can now hear what the new multiplatform Sonic game has in store.


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Everybody loves this crazy party game. Not strictly Sega, but it has made appearances on the Genesis, the Saturn and the Dreamcast. And hey - it's fun!

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Shining Force III is the second best strategy/rpg game on the saturn, first being the langrisse series. Vileeon has thrown together the Videos from SFIII and added the music of Chrono Cross to bring together a really nice music video. Go check it out in the Movies section!
New Sonic the Hedgehog music video by Blue Renamon from the new Sonic anime. This one is called Sonic Xtreme and it's one REALLY fast paced music video. Hope you guys like it. And remember to post your opinions below!

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Hey everyone well after much work put into the streaming section we are ready to kick off. We will be showing a premiere of Sonic The Hedgehog the movie on 05/26/03 at 8AM. It will be showing for two weeks then will be taken down so if yall want to see it you only have 2 weeks to download or stream it. We hope you all like the way the stream section is going and will only get better in time.